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Work 1-on-1 with a coach to gain a meaningful edge on the most competitive undergraduate university applications.

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This 1:1 Coaching Program is For:

Grade 12 Applicants

Applying to competitive university programs.

Transfer Applicants

Looking to transfer into a top program.

International Applicants

Applying from outside of Canada.

Unlock 7-9x Higher Admission Chances to Top Programs with Our Proven Method.

University admissions is more stressful than ever.


You're struggling to navigate the complex and evolving university admissions landscape.


You're unsure how to stand out in a sea of applications and showcase your true self.


You're overwhelmed by the time-consuming and demanding nature of applications.


A coach can guide you to admissions success.


Gain expert guidance and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and requirements.


Develop a compelling profile and narrative that sets you apart from other applicants.


Streamline the process and manage your time effectively.

Program Outline

This is a flexible, 1:1 coaching program designed to help you get into your dream university program.

Phase 1 (1-2 weeks)

Get a Clear Game Plan

Having clear goals and a well-defined plan for your post-secondary future is crucial. Your coach dedicates time and effort to truly understand your desired universities and programs, assisting you in developing a clear prioritization and strategy.

This encompasses meeting prerequisites, achieving grade cutoffs for your chosen academic path(s), managing application deadlines, and preparing supplementary materials like reference letters, video interviews, portfolios, assessments, essays, and more.

These components are instrumental in determining your eligibility for specific programs, and by navigating them effectively, you can position yourself for success in pursuing your desired post-secondary education.

Outcome: Clear game plan.

Phase 2 (~1-4 weeks)

Application Foundations

Universities ask deep questions, so they expect answers that truly capture who you are.

Your coach will help you build your application from the bottom-up, through improving your self-awareness, honing your skills, helping you conduct research on schools/programs and more.

This will help your application leap off the page and showcase your unique personality, talents, interests, and potential, leaving a lasting impression on the admissions committee and increasing your chances of being accepted.

Outcome: Application foundations built.

Phase 3a (~2-10 Weeks)

Essays & Profile

Securing a spot at your dream school demands more than just surface-level feedback. You must showcase your unique strengths and experiences through compelling responses.

That’s where your coach comes in. They will provide personalized, 1:1 support to clarify the essay prompt and admission criteria, generate ideas, develop a strong thesis, create a detailed outline, and challenge you to think and reflect more deeply than you could on your own.

Outcome: Supplementary applications perfected.

Phase 3b (~1-6 Weeks)

Video Interview

From questions like “What is your biggest weakness?” to “How would you solve climate change?”, video interviews for some university applications can be nerve-wracking.

That’s why your coach will help you become a more confident verbal communicator. Through live sessions, we’ll help develop your verbal skills, improve your ability to think on your feet, and conduct mock interviews to analyze and improve your performance.

Outcome: Video interviews completed successfully.


How It Works


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Intake & Interview

Meet with a member of our team.

Accepted & Matched

Get started with your perfect coach.

Get coached from folks who have been there, done that.

Youthfully coaches are alumni, staff, and former app reviewers from your dream programs. They know what evaluators look for and what a winning application looks like.

We only hire the best (just 1% of applicants) and they span various fields and industries.

They get to know you on a personal level and will go above-and-beyond to help you conquer the complex and competitive application process.


Elevate your applications with a truly personal approach.

We believe every student is fundamentally unique, so we take the time to discover your unique path. With their guidance, inject your authentic voice into your materials, making a lasting impression.

Navigate standardized formats, showcase your character, skills, and aspirations effectively. Experience the difference personalized coaching makes in conquering the workload and maximizing your chances of success.

client Journey


Youth Coaching helped Stephanie discover her purpose and develop the skills (and confidence) necessary to reach big goals aligned with that purpose—like being a finalist for the Loran Award and TD Scholarship for Community Leaders, launching a successful non-profit, getting into Queen’s Commerce, and obtaining a prestigious internship after first-year.

Read Stephanie's Journey
Youthfully Reviews Stephanie

Common Questions

We offer different options so you can work on as many applications as you need. All of our coaches are experts in many of the most competitive programs, which means they can help you apply to various programs at the same time.

In rare cases where your coach doesn’t have experience in specific applications, you also have the option to add a second coach.

Please apply and our team will go over all the options during our intake interview so you can choose the best program option for you.

Over 12+ years, we’ve had 1,000+ students get admitted into the world’s top undergraduate university programs with a 70-90% success rate.

In Canada, this includes McMaster Health Science (BHSc), Queen’s Health Science (BHSc), Queen’s Commerce, UBC Sauder, UBC Eng, UofT CS, UofT Rotman Commerce, Western Ivey HBA/AEO, Waterloo Engineering, Waterloo AFM, Waterloo Architecture, Waterloo CS, York Schulich BBA/iBBA and more.

In the US, this includes Ivy League schools (Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University), Stanford, USC, Johns Hopkins University, and more.

In the UK, this includes Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Oxford University, University College London, University of St. Andrews, and more.

Yes. A coach does not write an essay for you—just as a tutor doesn’t write a test for a student.

Other services, such as admissions consultants or essay writers, may breach academic integrity and limit a student’s development by “doing the work for the student.”

We believe this approach also results in less successful results, as it’s difficult for someone other than the student to truly capture their unique voice, experiences, and innate character.

Coaching sessions are done virtually and 1:1 at times that are convenient to you. You will book calls with your coach via the Youthfully coaching platform.

You and your coach will choose how often the sessions take place, which depends on your needs, goals, schedule, etc., as well as the program you’re working on.

Flexibility is a priority. Some students have calls in evenings, weekends, or even mid-weekday during a spare or in summer months.

Yes. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach, 100% of the time.

There are no group classes or divided attention. You have exclusive access to a world-class youth coach, ready to go the extra mile.

Yes. Since this is a 1:1 program, it’s tailored to your schedule. Whether you’re only free on Saturdays or you’re going to camp this summer, you and your coach will craft a plan and schedule that works around your commitments.

You can decide when you want to start the program, for how long it goes, and when you meet with your coach. We’ll always work with you to make the program fit into your schedule.

Simply book an intake call.

Please note: we have limited spots in each program and students are admitted in the order in which applications are received.

Set Yourself Up for Admissions Success.


"I can confidently say that taking help from Alex was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I got into my top choice at Waterloo Engineering and I couldn't have done it without his help!

Alex was very helpful and provided me with suggestions on both my AIF and practice video interviews in order to maximise my chances of getting in. Once again, thank you Alex and [Youthfully]!

I highly recommend this consulting service to any future students applying to Waterloo Engineering!"




"McKenzie is an excellent coach for university application essays. She made a lot of effort in guiding my essay writing process, so I was able to highlight my strengths and make myself a more attractive candidate to universities.

She also used her expertise to provide me with many useful personalized feedbacks, which increased my confidence and chances of getting into my dream program."



"Made this process much less stressful."
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"Thank you so much for everything you did to help me get into Waterloo University! I really enjoyed working with you and learning from [Youthfully] - if I could do the whole process again I would!

Thank you for all your time and efforts setting me up for success through reviewing my essays and helping me prep for the video interview. I'm thrilled that I got accepted to my first program and university of choice, Mechatronics at Waterloo with President's Scholarship, which I will be attending this September."




"I want to thank [Youthfully] for everything they've done to help me in the application process. I am now accepting my offer to Ivey.

We really appreciate the help and guidance [Youthfully] and Breanne provided. I would definitely recommend you for any future AEO applicants."



“Got me admitted to McMaster Health Sciences”
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"I started Youthfully after already finishing my application essays, and so I was just expecting some coaching on my interview skills.

However, Jess was able to noticeably improve the quality of my essays. I can confidently say that compared to before, I do have a much higher chance of getting into my desired university. Not only that, I received great coaching on how to succeed in interviews, and how to stand out among the rest.

In general, being able to talk to someone much more experienced like Jess and ask for advice and guidance did so much to help ease my mind about this process, and I highly recommend it!"




"My experience with [Youthfully] has been extremely positive. Alex was extremely helpful not only with the actual application process itself, but also with providing support and advice from start to end. I cannot be happier with my decision to have completed my journey here!"



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