Do Something Out-of-Class That You're Proud Of.

Work 1-on-1 with a coach to achieve extraordinary extracurricular impact and experience—ultimately helping you stand out to employers and universities.

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Finding unique extracurriculars is tough.

You may be facing pressure to build a robust profile for universities and employers.

The challenge is: so many students choose the same few activities — elite sports, DECA, HOSA, prefect, SHAD, finance club, camp counsellor, lifeguard, etc.

So how do you build a unique and memorable experience?

Don't go for 'show' over substance—it will backfire.

Avoid picking extracurriculars just to boost your résumé.

This lack of personal connection won’t motivate you to give the activity your full attention, and therefore, you’ll gain no substance from the experience.

Employers, universities, and scholarship committees can recognize such superficial efforts, which will ultimately hurt your chances of getting accepted and undermine the original intention.

youthfully extracurriculars coaching

A passion project will help you stand out, and more.

Challenge yourself by creating a unique, independent ‘passion project’.

Passion projects perfectly align with your interests, values, and goals—meaning no one else will do it, but you.

You’ll learn a ton, gain new skills, create real impact, and enjoy doing it. This is what admissions committees and prospective employers want to see.

For 12+ Years, We’ve Been Empowering Students To Launch Hundreds of Projects.

Your Coach Will Help You


  • Pinpoint your strengths & passions
  • Brainstorm passion projects
  • Gain confidence & self-efficacy
  • Set goals and create a plan
  • Manage & execute projects
  • Improve leadership & resourcefulness
  • Identify other extracurricular opportunities
Impact of Passion Projects

client Journey


Mara’s coach helped her streamline her extracurriculars, cultivate a clear sense of self, and identify clear goals she later attained, such as self-publishing a children’s book that educated young Tanzanians on basic medical health and receiving admission to medical school.

Read Mara's Journey

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The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most comprehensive platform for student growth and achievement.

1:1 access to the world's best youth coaches.

Rather than another group-based classroom-style program, we focus on what students need and want: a 1-on-1 personalized learning experience.

We only hire the best (just 1% of applicants) and they span various fields and industries.

From successful entrepreneurs, to app developers, to published scientists, they bring deep expertise, experience, and a vast network you can leverage.


Coaching designed with continuity in mind.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end after you launch your passion project.

We recognize that young people face various challenges throughout their student journey, and we are experts at supporting you through each one.

Receive continued attention from coaches who already know you, helping you overcome obstacles such as gaining admission to your dream program, thriving at university, and securing a summer internship.

Side-hustles are for students too.

Growing up in a small rural high school, I thought my limited extracurricular options were a disadvantage. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

While students from bigger schools had the same activities on their résumé, I had to find my own way.

So I co-founded a club that spread to other schools and was featured on the news, which helped me get an offer from my desired programs. I launched another project at university to land a job in management consulting. 

Since then, Youthfully coaches have helped students launch successful non-profits, publish research papers, and so much more. 

Extracurriculars matter a ton, but only if they match who you are.

Don’t settle for inauthentic or generic extracurriculars that don’t help you show your best self. Find your own path, and a coach can help.

Co-founder & CEO


What People Say


After working with [my coach], I’ve become more mature and eager to push myself to excel in academics and leadership opportunities as well as other areas of my personal life. I really enjoyed my conversations and work sessions with [my coach], and I would really recommend [Youthfully] to anyone looking for guidance and inspiration in the university application process.”



“Helped me launch a non-profit.”
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“Helped me develop the first women’s volleyball brand.”
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“I am very thankful for [my coach’s] guidance and checkups with my academic progress. With his assistance, I’m on track to getting core executive positions in many of the clubs I’m participating in. As well, he helped me start my own Entrepreneurship club in my high school.”




“When my daughter began working with [her coach], he took the time to figure her out and what would be successful for her and didn’t offer preset packaged ideas. With his help my daughter started a successful business and rolled out two projects that proved popular at school.”

Anonymous Client


“Started my own business”
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“I’ve been working with [Youthfully] for the past four months and they have radically helped me improve my application. [My coach] guided me to launch the first ever Jack.org Chapter at my school and he’s also helped me launch the first Entrepreneurship Club at my school.

I am very happy and much more confident in my applications to business school, and that’s all thanks to [my coach].”




“I worked with [my coach] for about a year and really appreciated the amount of effort he put into developing me, as an individual, specifically. From diving into my interests and building onto them with [my coach’s] expertise and resources, I launched my own initiative that is something I want to pursue in the future.

Throughout this entire process, I learned a lot about myself and became much more self aware. This highly resonated onto my application, and resulted in me receiving a Queen’s Commerce acceptance, amongst other prestigious universities.”

Anonymous Client



“A big thank you to [Youthfully]. [Their] knowledge on what is needed to be the best has helped my daughter to think outside the box, helped her discover her strengths and has greatly increased her chances to get into some of hardest universities out there.

I highly recommend [Youthfully] to any families out there that are looking to give their children that little extra to make them special!”

Mary R.


“Launched the first entrepreneurship club at my school.”
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